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Configuring the Internet Controls within the iBoss
Posted by Michael Blank on 19 July 2012 09:04 PM
This key feature of the iBoss allows the administrator to manage the filtering policies within the iBoss. The iBoss has different filtering groups that these policies are applied to so that the administrator can apply different filtering rules to each group for flexibility. Thus allowing the administrator to place different devices and/or users within any of the filtering groups so that different filtering policies may be applied to the devices on the network.

*Please see this article on how to identify and place computers in different filtering groups if you have not already done so.

To configure the settings for a group please go to > Configure Internet Controls.

*Please click any of the Categories below to view a video on how to configure that filtering rule.

Block Specific Website Categories

-On this page you may select the categories you would like blocked/allowed for the group you have selected at the top of the page. 
*The iBoss Pro has the ability to Block, Allow or Stealth each of these categories click here for more information on Stealth mode.
*Click here to view a video on how to set an advanced schedule for these categories.

Configure Programs and Protocols

-This page allows you to block and control Internet programs running on your network. Check the box of the program(s) you would like to block. You may specify whether to always block these programs or set a custom schedule allowing the programs to run at a specified time.

Block Specific Websites

-This page allows you to block specific website URLs from being accessed on your network. Enter the URL of the website you would like to block and click the "Add URL" button. You may enter a maximum of 200 website URLs across all profiles. Each URL may be a maximum of 255 characters in length. To remove a website URL from the Blocklist, select the URL to remove and click the "Remove" button located at the bottom of the page. Click the "Done" button when you are finished.

Allow Specific Websites

-This page allows you to add specific websites to your Allowlist. The Allowlist is a list of specific Internet URLs that you want to allow on your network. Website URLs added to this list will be allowed even if they are currently blocked in the Internet Category Blocking settings.
*Please see this article on how to configure a group for the only allow option.

Block Specific Keywords

-This page allows you to create keyword Blocklists. The iBoss will block Internet sites that contain these specific keywords in the URL. In addition, web searches using the keywords in the list(s) will also be blocked.
*We suggest using our Pre-Defined list that has a variety of words we suggest blocking if you are going to use this feature. Please click here to learn how to edit the Pre-Defined list.

Configuring Sleep Schedule

-Internet Sleep Mode allows you to put your Internet connection to sleep (disabling all Internet traffic to and from your network). This is beneficial for when the Internet doesn't need to be on or accessed. You may put the Internet to sleep by selecting a duration and pressing the "Sleep Now" button. This will temporarily put the Internet to sleep for the duration selected. You may setup a daily schedule or an advanced schedule by which to put the Internet to sleep.You may also bypass the sleep schedule by selecting a duration and pressing the "Bypass Now" button.
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