Connecting your iBoss to a Modem Router (This includes AT&T Uverse and Verizon Fios)
Posted by Michael Blank on 19 July 2012 08:40 PM

Connecting your iBoss Home to a Modem/Router

 Generally when you receive a modem/router combo the ISP (Internet Service Provider) will give you a way to access this unit so that you may adjust wireless settings etc. This will usually be given to you in the form of an IP address (normally or This is a problem because the iBoss like all routers is given the same IP address of by default which will cause a conflict on your network. So we will need to change settings to make these units work together.

1. Connect your computer to one of the iBoss LAN ports (LAN port 1 - 4). Do not connect the iBoss to the modem router yet. Power on the iBoss. Once the power light on the iBoss is a solid green you may access it by going to or

2. *Before you do this step you must obtain the LAN IP address of your modem router. Go to > Setup Network Connection > Configure Internet Connection > Change the "Connection Type" to Static IP Address. This is how this section should look:

IP Address: (If the IP address of your Modem Router is set this to
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: (The IP address of your Modem/Router) ie. or
Primary DNS: (The IP address of your Modem/Router)

*Click Save*

3. After the iBoss saves the above settings change the following settings. From the iBoss home page click Setup Network Connection > Configure Local Area Network. The Settings on this page should be changed to the following.

LAN IP Address:
LAN Subnet Mask:

DHCP Server: (Enabled)
DHCP Start IP Address:
DHCP End IP Address:

*Click Save*

4. Once the iBoss saves the settings above we can continue hooking it up to the rest of your network. First power down both your Modem/Router and the iBoss. The modem router will have up to 4 LAN ports just like the iBoss. With an Ethernet cable connect one end into one of the LAN ports (preferably LAN port 1 if available) of the Modem/Router, and the other end of the ethernet cable into the Internet port of the iBoss. *Your computers should be connected to the LAN ports of the iBoss*, or connected wirelessly. See wireless settings for more info on wireless networks.

*Restart your computer* and start step 6 while your computer restarts.

5. Once your network is similar to the model mentioned above go ahead and power on the modem. Once all the indicator lights on the modem show up normally you may power on the iBoss.

6. By this time your computer should have restarted. Open up an Internet browser and see if you can access the internet. Go to and make sure that the filtering status says Enabled. If it is disabled, enable it. If you can access the Internet you are now ready to start adjusting the filtering rules for your iBoss. For more information on setting up filtering rules see Setting up my Internet Controls.

*Congratulations your iBoss is now ready to access the internet*

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